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Governance Board Members 2021-22
My name is Laurie Ahart and I am proud to be a member of the Balboa Magnet community! I currently have a 1st grader and a 4th grader at Balboa, and my 7th grader also went to Balboa for elementary school. I’ve been a member of the Balboa Spirit Club board as President and as VP of Communications, and have volunteered as a room parent. I am an attorney and I manage a non-profit company that provides a financial education course. I would be honored to represent our parents on the School Governance Council.
Hello! My name is Samantha Figura and my daughter Penelope is a second grader in Mrs. Gordon’s class.  As a parent member of the Balboa Magnet’s School Governance Council, it would be my honor to be a voice for all Balboa parents. I am certain that we all share the same values of wanting our children’s school to be safe and desire the funds raised to do the most good for our emerging scholars, while ensuring this great school be the absolute best it can be, especially in the face of new challenges and opportunities. Having family members who are leaders in the non-profit world and have years of expertise in fundraising and nonprofit goal reaching and effectiveness and also having friends who are employed by other highly effective schools means I have resources at my disposal for advice and models that could be employed for the benefit of our school. Having made the decision to take a career pause in real estate when my two-year-old son was born, I am always at drop-off and pickup, which affords me the ability of being available to the parent community for questions or input. I have had the opportunity to be a room parent for my daughter’s classes since preschool and am excited and engaged by the potential to be even more involved and have the privilege of contributing to our school’s development and that of our student body in any way I can.
I Live with my wife and 3 kids in Chatsworth. Eva – 6th Grade(Lawrence),  Jacob – 1St Grade(Balboa), Anna – 3.5 Yrs. old.  My hobbies are gardening, fishing, watching movies and cooking. I am a Vice President of Software Engineer with Bank of America. I have served in the Council of Superior Street Elementary School for 2 terms – 2015 to 2018. I would like to serve the community and I believe that School would be the best place to serve and build a better/best community.
would be delighted to apply for a seat on the governance board. I have 20 years of experience in higher education including a doctoral degree in Business Administration. I am currently an Associate Professor of Information Technology at California Lutheran University where I teach various graduate courses such as Data Management and Project Management. I believe my experience in the education field may prove beneficial for the position in the governance board. It would also be a great experience working with you and all other community members involved.