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Balboa Loves Volunteers
Parent involvement at all levels is vital to Balboa‘s continued level of excellence.  There are many ways to get involved -- Become a volunteer at the school or join the Balboa Spirit Club's board.
Balboa Spirit Club (BSC)
The BSC is the parent association for Balboa Gifted Magnet Elementary school. We are here to support students, teachers, and families in this amazing school.
The BSC works year-round to provide enrichment opportunities such as music, science, computer, and physical education programs on campus. Balboa parents also work to create events that bring our school families and community closer together.
One of the BSC's main goals is to manage the school’s “Compass Fund” fundraising campaign. 100% of your generous financial donation to the “Compass Fund” campaign is used to directly fund all of our programs benefiting all of our students.
We strongly encourage your participation. We also encourage you to attend the monthly Balboa Spirit Club meetings. Please visit the Balboa Spirit Club website to find out how you can support Balboa Magnet’s students!
Balboa Magnet Volunteer
We welcome parents and community members who wish to volunteer at Balboa!  All visitors on our school campus during the school day need to be a processed Volunteer.  If you want to help out in any capacity - help in the classroom, go on a field trip, be a reader in our library, or in any other way, please visit the district's Volunteer Application site. 
The Volunteer process requires applicants to upload a negative proof of a tuberculosis test, proof of a COVID Vaccination and, at this time, show a negative COVID test taken within seven days of coming on campus.  It takes a few weeks for an application to be processed through the district, so please sign up early each year to be available whenever an occasion arises!
Most importantly, please check your e-mail regularly as we are trying to limit the number of printed sheets that we send home.  Look for e-mail communications weekly from e-Backpack from the school, an email directly from the BSC, or calls and e-mail messages from the Principal every Sunday night.
Additionally, please keep your contact information up-to-date with the school so that you can continue to receive regular communication and we can contact you in case of an emergency with your Scholar.
Thank you!